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Fujitsu Managed Print Service Case Study CASE STUDIES

Fujitsu Managed Print Service Case Study

Transforming print with Canon managed print services.

10 Jun 2019
Man typing on computer sat at desk ARTICLES

The rise and rise of self-publishing

The stigma of self-publishing is disappearing. In fact, it's becoming the first choice for many aspiring authors. Here's how digital print is enabling self-publishing to thrive.

18 Feb 2019
Family sitting in living room on digital devices Articles

Have we fallen out of love with digital?

Print is able to stimulate emotional engagement between a brand and its target audience in a way that digital cannot and so marketers need to mobilise print in a complementary role alongside digital.

26 Jan 2019
Security team ARTICLES

Safeguard your devices in the modern workplace

Today's modern workplace's are full of potential security risks. Safeguard your workplace with the 6-step office equipment security test.

31 Jan 2019
Network security engineer ARTICLES

Reducing risks in an office environment

The modern office is the intersection of people and information. Discover how to protect it against security threats.

25 Mar 2019
Canon MPS meeting ARTICLES

Canon: The No.1 Managed Print and Document Services provider

Discover why Canon is the leading provider of MPDS in Western Europe.

12 Nov 2018
Canon customer The Window Film Company manually cutting printed materials with wall mural in the background ARTICLES

Building the digital foundations to succeed in décor

Décor Success Factor 3 of 5: Establishing the technical capability to succeed in décor. The technology and skills print service providers need to deliver.

07 Dec 2018
A young girl sitting reading a paperback book on some stairs Articles

The future of printed books

With a global industry valued at $151 billion, demand for printed books is stronger than ever, as consumers in need of a ‘digital detox’ turning to hard copies. Find out more.

26 Oct 2018
A table set with two wine glasses flanked by two red chairs in front of digitally printed wallpaper showing a cityscape Articles

The potential of digitally-printed décor

Find out how digital printing unlocks new opportunities in décor. With 71% of consumers prepared to pay for personalisation, are you ready for the digital print revolution?

26 Oct 2018
Digitally printed lightshade featuring cyclists Articles

Digital print is disrupting the décor industry

Discover which trends are driving change in digital print for décor applications. Read more here.

26 Jun 2018
Promotional direct mail sitting on a printer Articles

Realising print’s new potential

In an age of digital fatigue, find out how print can revitalise multi-channel promotional campaigns

17 Sep 2018
Explore. Inspire. Improve. See the bigger picture Articles

Explore. Inspire. Improve. See the bigger picture

Discover how you can achieve your business goals with revolutionary thinking and pioneering innovation.

31 Jul 2018
Make your office a secure space Articles

Make your office a secure space

Are you overlooking common security threats in your office?

07 Aug 2018


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