Arizona 6170 XTS

Arizona 6170 XTS

An easy-to-use high-volume flatbed, the Arizona 6100-Series delivers highly productive rigid media printing and sets new standards for print quality, application versatility and reliability.


  • VariaDot™ imaging technology for superior print quality
  • True flatbed architecture
  • Versatile rigid media applications
  • Up to 155m² per hour
  • Automated Printhead Maintenance System
  • Pneumatic media registration pins
  • High-flow vacuum system
  • Non-stop printing
  • White ink printing

Detailed Features

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The single best option

Purpose designed for graphics professionals and built without compromise, Arizona 6100-Series dedicated high volume flatbed systems are ideal for sign and display graphics print service providers with a production potential in excess of 30,000m² per year.

Exceptional quality

A new 6-colour VariaDot™ imaging technology produces ink droplets from 6 to 42 picolitres resulting in superb image detail, smooth colour transitions and vivid, uniform solid colours. Light Cyan and Light Magenta are used for reliable printing at production print speeds, and improve the smoothness of quarter tone colours, like skin tones. The print sharpness and print geometry over the entire flatbed is further enhanced by actively mapping the table and adjusting the pixel placement, called Active Pixel Placement Compensation.

Next-level productivity

Designed as a productivity platform, the Arizona 6100-Series delivers fast, reliable and high quality inkjet print production at up to 155m² per hour. An extra-large, dual origin flatbed table with two independent vacuum zones allows for non-stop production of standard size 1.25 x 2.5 m boards with simultaneous printing and media loading/unloading.

Rigid media application versatility

A dedicated, true flatbed system, the Arizona 6100-Series opens up a wealth of production possibilities. An extra-large 2.5 x 3.05 m vacuum table, designed to keep media and objects stationary during printing, offers optimal print quality and unrivalled versatility. It supports the broadest range of rigid media applications including: printing on odd shaped, heavy, smooth or pre-cut rigid media; high value multi-layer applications; double-sided prints; large tiled prints over multiple boards; and edge-to-edge prints – all in perfect register and geometry and without hassle or mess. An API (application programming interface) allows for easy integration with third-party automation systems for instance for automated media load/unload systems.

Unmatched reliability and ease-of-use

Pneumatic registration pins ensure quick, repeatable, easy loading of rigid media in perfect register every time. Combined with a high-flow vacuum system for effective pull-down of even warped rigid media, it takes only seconds to load the largest boards.
An innovative Automated Printhead Maintenance System provides completely hands-free printhead cleaning in less than 25 seconds per colour, ensuring consistent nozzle performance print after print.

Product Specification

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